From time to time, we will conduct surveys on some subjects. We hope you participate when we do.

A.   Request for Volunteer Correspondents

A few admirers have organized themselves into Friends of Nina in Japan and have volunteered to translate this website into Japanese. We agreed because the second highest number of visitors to this website are from Japan and it is a very substantial number. The result of their effort is in They will also be regularly providing us information on Nina in Japan. In addition, the Friends of Nina in Japan also volunteered to help develop souvenirs for the recently concluded Nina's 20th Anniversary Tour of Japan. We were only too happy to support them in the effort.

We would like volunteers to come forward from among many Nina Ananiashvili admirers elsewhere around the world and to provide materials which could be used in this website. This includes reviews or articles in your country of her performances. The "Correspondents" should be willing to carefully clip such reviews and articles (send only original please, photocopies of newsprint do not scan very well), translate the key sections where she is mentioned and then send it to us for processing and inclusion in this website. We will show the review in original language as well as your translation. Also, information on video releases and other Nina related items in your country would be helpful. Send us an e-mail at if you wish to participate.


B.   Survey on Collectibles

The results of the survey on collectibles are below. The order of preference is as follows:

  • Postcards
  • Posters
  • 5x7 pictures
  • T-shirts

Desired pricing per unit of merchandise should be $25 or less, as appropriate, but the gallery-quality prints on offer now should continue to be made available as well.

Postcards and 5X7 pictures should be offered in sets as well as individually.

The experience of the Friends of Nina in Japan has been helpful in this regard - tee-shirts, postcards, calendars, tote bags, and file holders were made available to Nina fans at the theaters and her many fans appreciated it very much. We will consider doing something that could make similar things available through this website.

Please send us an e-mail at for comments on these results and suggestions on what else may be done to serve you.